PCOMS Secretariat

PCOMS holds its secretariat at Pakistan Press Foundation, a longstanding not for profit geared towards promotion of Freedom of Expression and Media in Pakistan. Under the capable leadership of Owais Aslam Ali, the General Secretary of PPF and the steering committee of  Pakistan Coalition on Media Safety, it remains the only national civil society alliance of its kind with such diverse stakeholder representation.

PCOMS secretariat works in close collaboration of the coalition’s steering committee – a group of volunteers invested in the cause.

PCOMS secretariat operates under following Term of References:

The  PCOMS  secretariat  will  be  responsible  to  the  Consortium  and  Steering  Committee  of  the Pakistan  Coalition  for  Media  Safety.    The  secretariat  will  work  under  the  supervision  of  the Secretary General of The Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF), the host institution.   The secretariat will  liaise  with  the  Consortium,  Steering  Committee  and  Members  of  PCOMS  and  of  The International Friends of Pakistani Media on Safety.

PCOMS secretariat, on a regular basis, carry out following tasks:

  1. Facilitate regular   and   timely   communication   among   PCOMS   coalition   members, Consortium,  Steering  Committee  and  The  International  Friends  of  Pakistani  Media  on Safety.
  1. Support the  PCOMS  Steering  Committee  and  Consortium  in  the  preparation  of  the agenda for regular and extraordinary meetings.
  1. Prepare and circulate the minutes of the meetings and documentation of meetings of the Steering Committee and Consortium.
  1. Convene the meetings Steering Committee and Consortium at periodic intervals. IMS, Civic Action Resources and Pakistan Press Foundation – and represented by the  National  ,  on  the  issue  of  promoting  safety  and security of journalists, media workers and media establishments in Pakistan.
  1. Promote PCOMS   visibility   and   relevance   on   issues   related   to   safety   of   media professionals and institutions.
  1. Facilitate networking among members, supporting knowledge, learning and information sharing.
  1. Coordinate and facilitate member linkages to better establish priorities and form common platforms necessary to increase the capacity of members to engage in, advocacy, capacity building and research on safety issues.
  1. Prepare and  submit  reports/updates/information  as  may  be  requested  by  the  PCOMS Steering Committee, Consortium and members of PCOMS and The International Friends of Pakistani Media on Safety.
  1. Facilitate collective  actions,  communication  amongst  PCOMS  members  and  other stakeholders related to safety of media professionals at the national, regional and global levels.