Solangi regrets claims made by BBC journalist about interview; termed them false and baseless


Caretaker Minister for Information, Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs, Murtaza Solangi, expressed regret on February 20 over what he termed “false and baseless” allegations made by a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) journalist, Mobeen Azhar, regarding an interview appointment.

According to Associate Press of Pakistan (APP), Solangi said that he is no stranger to giving an interview to the media as he has been appearing on numerous local and international TV channels since assuming the charge of caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting.

Solangi added that the journalist was not invited for an interview, and his assertions about being scheduled for one were “unfounded and without merit.” The minister noted that the journalist attempted to create the impression that an interview appointment had been arranged for him despite his own confirmation to the contrary. The minister emphasized that unauthorized entry into anyone’s jurisdiction with a camera could not be permitted.

Expressing regret, Solangi mentioned that he had misled security staff about the interview, but despite the journalist’s inappropriate behavior, no action had been taken against him, APP added.

On February 19, 2024, the emergence of a video capturing Solangi engaged in a physical altercation with Azhar during an interview.

In the footage, Azhar is seen introducing himself to Solangi before broaching the topic of state interference with journalists. However, instead of addressing Azhar’s inquiries, Solangi swiftly accused him of coercing the interview. Tensions mounted as Solangi attempted to seize Azhar’s phone, reprimanding him to “act like a BBC journalist and not Paparazzi.”

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