CFWIJ launches COVID-19 resources for journalists and newsrooms

KARACHI: The Coalition For Women In Journalism (CFWIJ) has launched its COVID-19 resources page focused on women journalists covering coronavirus around the world. This page aims to provide tools to journalists and newsrooms. During these unprecedented times, CFWIJ is monitoring reporting around the pandemic by women journalists the world over.

A map by CFWIJ shows how women journalists around the world are covering COVID-19. This includes more than 95 locations depicting women on the beat from Italy, France, United States, to China and Afghanistan.

The COVID-19 resources page also includes a detailed safety guideline for journalists reporting on the ground. This section covers how women journalists remain at risk of persecution by authoritative regimes who do not want to encourage the coronavirus.

CFWIJ’s COVID-19 coverage and tools will be evolving over the coming weeks, with additional updates and features. This includes insight and tips by women journalists who have been covering coronavirus in their respective locations. Some of these testimonies by women journalists from the United States, China and Pakistan are available on the site, in which they share their experiences reporting the pandemic. Emily Feng has been working for NPR from Beijing, China; Wudan Yan from Seattle, U.S., has been keeping tabs on the pandemic’s arrival in her city and has written for publications including the New York Times; and Taneer Ahmed has been spearheading COVID-19 coverage for Samaa Digital from Karachi, Pakistan. The journalists also share how they are trying to ensure fair coverage and taking care of mentally overwhelming factors of covering this massive outbreak.

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