In Balochistan, journalists to protest against lay-offs

QUETTA:The journalist community of Balochistan has announced to launch protests against the dismissal of media workers in the country.

“Protest camps will be set up in front of the provincial assemblies across the country, while a demonstration will be held on February 12 in front of the parliament during the assembly session,” said Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) President Shahzada Zulfiqar Ahmadzai.

Ahmadzai made these remarks while addressing a protest of the PFUJ in front of the Quetta Press Club on Wednesday.

He was accompanied by Balochistan Union of Journalists President Ayub Tareen, Quetta Press Club President Reza Rahman and other journalists.

Ahmadzai said that the PFUJ had submitted a five-point charter of demand which included stopping the series of lay-offs of media workers and journalists from the print and electronic media during the past one year.

“The federal union of journalists has always stood for the rights of journalists, ensuring the freedom of journalism. The five-point charter of demand for journalists should be ensured for immediate implementation,” he said.

The Express Tribune