Journalism, an unappreciated profession

Journalism, an unappreciated profession Pakistan is said to be one of the top ranking deadliest countries for journalism. The current unstable political and social conditions of Pakistan show that there is a dire need of intellectuals in the society to raise their voice. In Pakistan journalists are attacked, their offices are burnt and they face life threats. It is essential to understand that being a journalist is not an easy job as they take up the responsibility to highlight the corruption in our society. These are the people who create awareness and ask the right questions so that the masses know what is going on. We must respect these individuals as they have passionately taken the responsibility of creating a difference in the society. Reporters, editors, anchors, news casters, analysts and all the experts in the journalism filed should be appreciated for the tough job they do. These people are harassed, kidnapped and threatened yet they remain true to their profession. MISHA RIZVI, Karachi, December 17. The Nation The post Journalism, an unappreciated profession appeared first on Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF).