Journalists pledge to show genuine image of Pakistan, UAE

DUBAI: Pakistan’s journalist’s body working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has vowed to show a “pragmatic, authentic and genuine” image of their homeland and the emirates.

The Pakistan Journalists Forum (PJF) arranged a gathering on the premises of the Pakistan Association Dubai to celebrate the 49th National Day of the UAE and welcome the new press counselor Shazia Siraj of the Pakistan diplomatic mission in the UAE.

PJF President Ashfaq Ahmed lauded the vision of the UAE leadership for creating a tolerant environment in the emirates and build the nation in a short span of time. He pledged to protect the rights of the Pakistan overseas community in the emirates and build a pragmatic bridge between the two brotherly nations. He welcomed the Press Counsellor Shazia Siraj and assured cooperation from the journalist’s community.

Ashfaq hoped that the diplomatic mission would build better and strong relations not only between the two countries but with overseas Pakistanis and their embassy too with the assistance of new press counselor.

Speaking to the media forum, Shazia Siraj congratulated the UAE leadership on their 49th National Day and their remarkable achievements. She expressed her gratitude to the UAE leadership for supporting all residents including the Pakistani diaspora. She highlighted the challenges of the new era of media industry and diplomatic world. She assured her full support for the journalist community, stating that her doors are open for facilitation of working journalists in the UAE.

Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) President Dr Faisal Ikram appreciated media’s role in Dubai, especially their contributions to making the building of the Pakistan Association Dubai come into a reality.

Newspaper: The News