#NoToTerrorism: Karachi expresses outrage against Quetta bombing

KARACHI: The tragedy in Quetta is a consequence of the state’s double standards and policies regarding the ‘good and bad Taliban’.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) representative Asad Iqbal Butt said this at a ‘Peace Walk’ organised by the civil society on Tuesday. Participants from HRCP, Women Action Forum, Democratic Students Federation (DSF), Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (Piler), Awami Workers Party, Sindh, National Party, Sindh and Civil Progressive Alliance for Pakistan (CPAP) along with lawyers protested outside the Karachi Press Club against acts of terrorism in Quetta. They shouted slogans and held placards before marching to the Supreme Court registry, where they observed a candlelit vigil.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Butt said that the blame lies with the state, especially the security apparatus. He further remarked that the involvement of ‘a foreign hand’ is no excuse and that security failures must be accepted.

Meanwhile, Karamat Ali, the executive director of Piler, said that the walk was held against the inhumane act of terrorism in Quetta and urged the state authorities to take immediate action against those responsible. Ali urged all members of the civil society to raise their voice against injustice. He demanded that immediate action be taken across the board without any discrimination. Ali stated that the bombing was a major security lapse, adding that the blame rests with the provincial and federal governments and the security agencies.

“They were very quick to reach conclusions and [pin the] blame,” said Nagma Iqtidar, the president of DSF, Karachi. “The authorities must now also catch the culprits with the same speed.” She questioned as to how such accidents could take place when Balochistan has been heavily militarised by the security establishment.

CPAP representative Kazim Moosvi stressed that the civil society had a crucial role to play in combating the menace of terrorism. He demanded that proper security must be provided, especially to journalists and lawyers, who were more often than not made the target of such acts of terror.

The Express Tribune:

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