Pervaiz Rasheed demands laws for protection of all

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader, Senator and former information minister Pervaiz Rasheed said that ban is being imposed on everything and the desire to keep society blind, deaf and dumb is not coming to end and these all are a great burden on the state of Pakistan. He said that good laws should be created which provide protection to all.

Pervaiz Rasheed expressed these views during opening ceremony of documentary film ‘Murder of journalists, abduction, mental, economic and physical torture’ at National Press Club Islamabad on Monday.

He said that such a Pakistan will be created through political struggle where one should think first before kidnapping the journalist. He said that this oppression was not new in Pakistan and not limited to journalists. He said that ban is being imposed on everything even journalists, poets, authors are not spared. He said any shape of beauty is not liked by the ugly people.

Pervaiz Rasheed said that certainly good laws should be formed which protect all. He said that several laws are present but their presence do not provide protection to my and your freedom. He said that political parties are called traitor and the agent of India and in this situation where does the journalism stand and this decision will have to be taken. Senator Afrasiab Khattak said that government did not perform its responsibility and failed in making legislation, giving protection and holding accountable to murderers.

PFUJ’s former president Afzal Butt said murder, abduction, giving threats are not new. He asked that why the journalist is kidnapped and murdered and that need clear description. He said that journalists did not make any compromise and will not make the same in future.

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