Police torture on journalist in Bara condemned

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) Senior Vice-President Shamim Shahid has condemned police torture and maltreatment of a journalist from Khyber tribal district, Shah Nawaz Khan.

Shamim Shahid has demanded the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to take action against the police officials involved in torture of the Bara-based journalist.

The PFUJ senior vice-president said it is unfortunate that there is complete lawlessness in merged tribal districts due to failure of the government to properly extend the provincial institutions to erstwhile Fata. He alleged that the common people of merged districts are being treated like a slaves. He said the journalists who are highlighting problems of people and inefficiencies of officials in merged districts are facing highhandedness of the law enforcing agencies.

Shamim Shahid demanded Chief Minister Mehmood Khan and Inspector General Police Sanaullah Abbasi to take notice of the incident which took place in Bara. He said the journalist community of the country will join the protest initiated by the journalists of Bara if the government did not take action over the incident.

TNN correspondent Shah Nawaz Afridi, who was performing his journalistic duties in Bara on Wednesday, was allegedly manhandled and tortured by policemen. The policemen also allegedly tried to snatch mobile phone of the journalist. The journalists from Bara have strongly condemned the incident and demanded action against policemen involved in the incident.