PPF condemns Liberia’s House of Representatives decision to summon journalist

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF), in a letter to George Weah, President of Liberia has expressed concern over the decision of the House of Representatives to summon journalist Philibert Browne.

PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali denounced the decision of House and called on the Liberian authorities to stop targeting journalists for doing their job and disclosing the truth to public.

According to Center for Media Studies & Peace Building, the House of Representatives summoned Browne, a journalist and publisher of the newspaper Hot Pepper for accusing twelve members of the House of taking bribes.

On November 14, the journalist appeared in a radio program on OK FM, a local radio station, where he revealed that the members of the 53rd legislature of Liberia had taken bribe for giving approval for the printing of the 16 Billion Liberian dollars. The journalist also assured to expose the parliamentarians involved in the bribery.

Samuel Kogar, Nimba County district number 5 representative, said the journalist must be invited to discuss the matters related to the current investigation of the missing sixteen billion Liberian banknotes conducted by the House.

Browne’s report on the mission billion dollars has forced the Government of Liberia and United States Embassy near Monrovia to conduct an independent investigation to discover the ground realities of the alleged missing dollars.