Remembering journalist Mushtaq Khand killed in attack on political meeting in 2012

Karachi: October 6, Although Anti Terrorist Courts (ATCs) were established for speedy trials the trial for the death of journalist Mushtaq Khand, reporter of Dharti News television channel has not been concluded even after the passage of four years.

Khand was killed and 3 other journalists received bullet injuries on 7th October 2012 while covering the public meeting held by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)in Khairpur Mir’s, city of Sindh province. Khand had been the president of the Khairpur Press Club for five years. He had left two widows, five sons and two daughters.

Khand received bullets on his temple and leg which caused his instant death, while three journalists Mukhtiyar Phulpoto, correspondent for daily Awami Awaz; Faheem Mangi, correspondent of daily Naun Sij; and freelance journalist Allahdad Rind along with other participants were injured.

Phulpoto received a bullet to his arm which made his arm useless. Talking to Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) of his ordeal, he said that he could not use his arm which has become ineffective. Mangi, received two bullets in his back. One bullet crossed his body and other was removed by Doctors through operation.Rind’s finger became nonfunctional due to bullet wounds at his arm.

According to the police the assailants, entered the meeting and started firing indiscriminately, just before the arrival of Nafisa Shah, Member of National Assembly and chief guest of the event. Those arrested for the attack included Azizullah Janwiri, Saadullah Janwri, Abdul Qayoom, Shakeel Janwiri, Fateh Mohammad and Ubaidullah Janwiri,

Police arrested main accused Azizullah on 14th October, 2012 from Bahawalpur district of Punjab province and shifted him to Baagerji Police Station in Sukkur district of Sindh for the interrogation.

According to Police that at the night of 30th October, 2012 accused Saadullah along with his companions attacked the police station in order to forcibly release Azizullah. Police said that they responded and in exchange of firing the Azizullah was killed but the attackers escaped by taking the advantage of the darkness.

Saadullah was arrested in 2014 from Lahore. He was then sent to the Central Prison Sukkur. Mujahid Ali was also arrested and sent to the same prison. Accused Qayum, Shakeel, Fateh and Ubaidullah were declared innocent in police investigation report, submitted in court.