Website of leading entertainment television channel hacked and defaced

The website “Hum TV” a leading entertainment television channel of Pakistan was hacked and defaced on 6th September.

The group calling itself ‘Pakistan Cyber Attackers’ after hacking website wrote on it that vulgarity and nudity in the dramas are increasing day after day. They said these days, each and every drama has vulgar scenes in it or even nudity and which is unacceptable thing in Muslim country like Pakistan. They posted that morning shows have become immoral, vulgar and semi-nude.

They linked to vulgarity in television dramas and other shows, the suicide of two teenagers in Karachi, who had killed each other in school premises because their parents were not allowing their marriage. They warned that such incidents will only increase if this vulgarity and immorality isn’t stopped.

They criticized role of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) for not regulating TV shows and called on PEMRA to take action against TV channels for airing inappropriate programs. They criticized talk shows for discussing the topic of vulgarity in dramas and shows.

They shared the links of three clips of HUM TV dramas on the website that, according to them, were inappropriate to be aired. They also said culture and rules of Islam which should be followed in Pakistan.
Website of leading entertainment television channel hacked and defaced

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