Boycott of Geo useless act, Hassan Nisar tells Imran KARACHI: Senior analyst Hassan Nisar has said Imran Khan’s decision to boycott Geo TV was a useless act as he could not damage the channel, which is getting back to its original position gradually. He said Geo was and is No 1 channel of the country. He said Jang was and is No 1 newspaper of the country. He was talking in Geo TV programme ‘Meray Mutabiq’. He said that all should take pride in the 75-year-old institution as the biggest media group of the country. He remarked that it was unjust to single out an organisation for maltreatment. He said the comment that what could not be achieved in 60 years was achieved in 60 hours during the premier’s visit to China was a hoax. He said politicians stated that all was going right and a man like Dr Samar Mubarakmand said that an activity was futile as fuel was the main problem. It depicted that all of them were befooling the nation, he remarked. He said the government had no credit to claim for reduction in oil prices, adding that the reduction was not at par with the international oil market, and in this the government committed corruption. He said Zulfiqar Khosa was a thorough gentleman and was a person who had preserved his reputation which was a big achievement. He said Saad Rafique and Tahmina Daultana were given the task to win Khosa back and it was still to be seen what he decided. It is a test for Khosa, he said. On the appointment of chief election commissioner, he said this office had been made a joke and a controversy and no man of integrity was ready to occupy it.He said he had been against Metro Bus Project from day one because the country lacked clean drinking water, food and then there was a law and order situation. About the boycott of Geo TV by Imran Khan, he said that if he had agreed to it even to a least degree, he would have joined Imran in the boycott, but it was a futile activity and PTI chief could not damage the channel. He said Geo TV was getting back to its original position. He said what Pakistan had other than a 75-year-old institution (Jang Group) which it should be proud of.He asked even if a mistake was committed by someone, it was unjust to put the outcome of someone’s lifelong hard work at stake. He said it was a great injustice to do so. He said no one was born in the history of the sub-continent who had not been dubbed as Kaafir or traitor. He said from Allama Iqbal to the Quaid-e-Azam and from Sir Syed to Faiz Ahmed Faiz no one had been spared in this regard. He said the country should be proud of its No 1 TV channel and No 1 newspaper. He said it (Jang Group) was the largest media group which had contributed the most to the country’s development. He said this group was as much for Imran Khan as for him, referring to the stance Imran had taken. He said that Imran should have pointed out whatever weakness he saw in this Group instead of boycotting it.Host Maria Memon asked what discipline was, to which Hassan Nisar said it was about organising one’s life, lack of which was death. He said apocalypse will come the day the Sun flouts discipline. He said the society that didn’t have discipline would end. The News The post Boycott of Geo useless act, Hassan Nisar tells Imran appeared first on Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF).