Civil society rejects new social media rules

LAHORE: The civil society, including the representatives of journalists, lawyers and workers unions, has rejected and condemned the new social media rules, demanding the government repeal them immediately and issue a plan of consultation with the people who are the real stakeholders.

They said no such measure should be imposed upon the public without consultation. They expressed full support for the move of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) to protect the rights of media, digital media workers and social media activists.

They were speaking at a press conference organised by a group of journalists from the PFUJ at the Lahore Press Club on Monday.

Speakers included PFUJ Finance Secretary Zulfiqar Ali Mehtu, Punjab Union of Journalists President Qamaruz Zaman Bhatti, Lahore Press Club President Arshad Ansari, Imtiaz Alam of the South Asia Free Media Association (Safma), Supreme Court Bar Association former general secretary Raja Zulqarnain, Wapda Hydroelectric Workers Union Secretary Khursheed Ahmad among others.