Colombian government orders investigation for attacks on RCN Radio

The government of Colombia, in response to the protest letter by Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF), has ordered the authorities to immediately investigate attacks on RCN Radio station in the country’s capital city of Bogotá.

The adviser to the President, Yenevieve Cuervo Mateus has directed the Attorney General Dr. Luis Gonzalez Leon and managing director of National Protection Unit, Dr. Pablo Elias Gonzalez Mongui to take immediate action against the attacks on journalists and media houses and hold those responsible for such acts.

PPF in its letter to the President of Colombia Iván Duque Márquez had expressed concern over the attack on the headquarters of RCN Radio on November 8 and called on the government to investigate the matter and hold those responsible for attacking the radio station.

The station was attacked during the protest demonstrations organized by Bogotá students, demanding an increase in the budget for public institutions. This was the third attack on RCN radio station. In two other incidents on October 11 and 17 demonstrating students attacked RCN damaged the headquarters and harassed the journalists.