Jang Group spokesman rubbishes PTI chief’s allegations

ISLAMABAD: Talking to journalists here on Saturday, after chairing a party meeting, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan levelled allegations against the Jang Group of supporting the corrupt family.   Referring to Shakil-ur-Rahman, he objected to the way, they had given coverage with reference to the Panama case.

He asked was this the job of a media house to protect the corrupt and cover up corruption.  “You are defaming the Supreme Court and running false stories. Some Whatsapp was surfaced, which was a conspiracy against this corrupt (Sharif) family.”

He added the entire nation was devastated due to corruption and annually Rs 1000 billion was going out through money laundering; same money could be invested in Pakistan and this would generate jobs.

Imran said that the biggest money launderers were Nawaz, his family and Ishaq Dar.

“Is the job of the media to cover up their corruption and file false stories, like Nawaz appeared before JIT by risking his life, Mughl-e-Azam is going before JIT and that history is being written?” he asked.  Imran maintained that he was not against Jang or The News journalists but against the policy of a kingmaker, who is making decisions that in Pakistan ‘you may commit dacoities, I am with you.”   “The job of the media is to bring forward truth and uncover corruption and not to project the corrupt person,” he noted.  The entire nation and Pakistani children, he added, knew that they were lying for over a year about their London apartments and having no money trail.

Meanwhile, the PTI issued a statement announcing boycott of the media House and announced to withdraw its representation from all forums run by Geo and Jang Group.  Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Jang Group has vehemently denied the allegations of Imran Khan.

The spokesman said Imran wants the Jang Group to side with him, instead of upholding its tradition of presenting stance of all stakeholders. He said the Panama Leaks news was broken by the Jang Group. The group enjoys the honour that its journalists published this news with all details and names. Besides, many other news items regarding the Panama case were regularly presented.

The spokesman said Imran wants the Jang Group and its policies to favour him. He said the Jang gives all types of stances for the people so that their information may increase and they may decide appropriately. Imran has levelled such allegations earlier also and the Jang Group has challenged them in courts in Pakistan and Britain and has won cases. In fact, Imran is making efforts to make the Jang Group disputed so that people may believe that the Group is in favour of one party and against the other.  The spokesman refuted the allegations of Imran and vowed to challenge them in court of law.

The News International