Journalists’ killings: Pakistan stands sixth among 20 deadliest countries

WASHINGTON: A recent report from the Committee to Protect Journalists has said 40 journalists have been killed in India and 60 in Pakistan in the last 25 years, reports foreign media.

These numbers merely indicate cases that have been reported. All in all, the report says 1,234 journalists have been killed worldwide since 1992. The highest number of casualties has been reported from Iraq, with killings of 179 journalists until February 2017.

India stands ninth on the 20 deadliest countries list as far as journalists’ killings are concerned. Pakistan stands at the sixth place.

The CPJ report states that the latest killing of a journalist was reported from the Philippines where Joaquin Briones from Remate was killed on March 13. One hundred and eight journalists have been killed in Syria so far. In this year alone, Taimoor Khan from Samaa TV was killed on February 12 in Karachi and Abdul Hakim Shimul from Samakal was killed on February 3 in Shahjadpur, Bangladesh. The report states that of the journalists killed, about 41 percent were war correspondents and 46pc were political correspondents. Twenty-one per cent of the slain journalists covered human rights and 20 percent covered corruption. Four per cent of the killed included business correspondents and two per cent sports journalists. Twenty percent covered culture and 16 percent crime.

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