Pakistan Press Foundation condemns arrests of journalists in Bangladesh

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF), an independent non-governmental institution committed to promoting and defending freedom of expression is concerned over the detention and torture of a journalist, Mizanur Rahman who is a correspondent of Bangla-language daily Prothom Alo.

Quoting the information from Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Rahman was charged with assaulting an officer and obstructing government duties. According to reports by Prothom Alo and other media outlets, Rahman was arrested for his reports alleging corruption and abuse of power by local officials. According to Rahman, he had been tortured in police custody. A court-appointed medical team examined Rahman they found muscle injuries and torture marks on his body and informed his kidney may and had been affected.

Rahman in February reported comments allegedly made by parliamentarian ASM Feroz of the ruling Awami League at an event that appeared to have annoyed local authorities.

According to Prothom Alo, on March 17, Rahman and a police officer engaged in an argument after the officer allegedly used foul language with the journalist. The two resolved the situation and Rahman drove the officer to the police station on his own motorcycle but was arrested when he arrived, Prothom Alo said.

The official harassment of journalists in Bangladesh comes as other journalists, especially bloggers, have come under threat from other quarters. In the past five weeks, two bloggers were hacked to death in public. In late February, assailants killed American blogger Avijit Roy and injured his wife as they were leaving a book fair, while visiting the country. On Monday, three assailants attacked and killed blogger Washiqur Rahman Babu.

Pakistan Press Foundation condemns arrest, mistreating and torturing of Bangladesh journalist and demands to stop torturing journalists and let them to exercise freedom of expression.

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