Protest against blasphemy on social media

LAHORE: Religious workers and scholars affiliated with various parties took to the streets here after Friday prayers to lodge protest against the continued blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on social media. They gathered in various streets and intersections, raised slogans against the government for not blocking the pages involved in the blasphemy despite the warnings and the rulings of Islamabad High Court judge, Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqi.

They raised slogans in favour of Justice Shaukat Azizi Siddiqi for representing the sentiments of the Muslim Ummah. Besides, prayers leaders in the mosques delivered sermons “protection of sanctity of Holy Prophet (PBUH)”, while special meetings were held where resolutions were also passed against blasphemous materials on social media by the enemies of Islam.

Addressing  Juma Khutba, Convener Tehreek Hurmat-e-Rasool (PBUH) said social media was being used against Muslims. Scholars and leadership of religious organisations should stress on government to activate PTA to block websites and pages containing blasphemous material.Tanzim-e-Islami ameer Hafiz Akif Saeed said the continued blasphemy should have moved the government and the Supreme Court to take immediate notice of the ugly and highly provocative practice that could have sparked unrest and turmoil across the country.

Hafiz Talha Saeed termed blasphemous content on the social media conspiracy of western countries. He said, “non-Muslims cannot confront Muslims in ideological and military fields and are being defeated despite all sources.”  Moulana Abul Hashim Rabbani said religio-political and social organizations of country should arrange valiant strategy on the issue.

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